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Podcast Transcript - The Descent into Hell

After a general overview of the mysteries, highlights of the various mystical experiences that I have experienced, or undergone, however you wish to view it, a detailed description of my mystical ascension experience in the first episode, followed by a summary examination of that experience through the lens of knowledge gained from the history books of those that have experienced and expressed similarly the movements that occur, it’s time to delve back into the past. Way in the past. Exactly 20 years ago to be precise, which is an interesting interval and again a reflection of both linear and cyclical time as we human beings experience time, as the ongoing flow that changes since it moves forward, yet also remains the same since it repeats itself always.


If you have had a chance to visit my website at logosofexperienceandtruth.com, perhaps you have already delved deeper into the mysteries. If you haven’t, make sure to visit and become a member since I break down the image of that which is seen during the mystical experience across the pages of human history specific to each of the various cultural and religious groups across time.


What I left out in Season 1 of the podcast and within the contents of the member content found in the Vision Explained Deeper will be spoken of more clearly in these ten episodes for Season 2. Due to the nature of the contents found in this season it will be heavy on the non-fiction auto-biographical sort but will also expand into the questions and answers about the various phenomena of spiritual experience I’ve spoken of.


As I stated in the first season of episodes, though I thoroughly enjoy reading the philosophical and theological and spiritual stuff, without the actual experiences of the various personages I’ve read it’s felt like much was being left out if it had actually occurred to them or the writers were simply rehashing things they’d learned but hadn’t actually experienced themselves. I was recently combing through You Tube and reading through what others have spoken of regarding subconscious re-programming and such things as that, and over and over again nobody seems to speak about any type of mystical experience, images seen, visions had, etc. I won’t name these speakers since I’m not bashing their work, there’s some very good speakers out there and perhaps they haven’t had actual mystical experience and are simply experts in the philosophy that is extracted from such experience, but I do find it very curious that such experiences as I will relate are not spoken of very often by others. Or I suppose I’ve just seen and experienced and comprehended some pretty wild stuff. This is why I started this podcast with my most recent mystical experience and then unpacked much of the underlying mystical philosophical underpinnings of that experience and this season of the podcast will continue down that path but with much more detail of the personal sort.


Some of what I will recount will obviously sound made-up. Hopefully the discerning listener of this podcast or reader of this ebook will be able to pick up the type of details that will render it impossible to have been made-up. Fantastical, drug-induced and hallucinatory perhaps, but definitely not made up in the creative sense. As spoken of in another episode, I’m sure there’s something to be said in trying to give a disclaimer at the forefront saying that I’m not lying in what I will retell as a way of priming your mind towards a laundry list of lies, but hopefully by now, you know I ain’t lying. Telling the truth is far more interesting to me regarding these mysteries than lying or making it up. And if you still believe I’m just crazy or was solely under the influence of drugs then at least you’re getting some of the visual content that such experiences may bring if that’s all you come to believe may have been occurring in my mind. So let’s get into it.


There was an experience I had in 2001. I have mentioned it, spoken of it in various episodes of the podcast and member content when it made sense regarding it, summarized it through one of my characters in my book Lucifer Revealed, but I have yet to tell the entire tale of that which occurred and was seen and experienced.


As before, I will do my best not to provide interpretation of what was experienced and seen during the time of the experience unless it was seen and interpreted and understood during the experience itself. I will instead tell the tale to the best of my abilities and will then unpack it along with everything that I could reflect upon and see that led up to the mystical experience followed with all that came afterwards. So, I won’t provide too much context to what led up to this experience other than what I feel is necessary so that you understand to a degree what I may have immediately understood during the experience and at the very least, understood very quickly afterwards.


Also, just as a disclaimer, this story will get deeper into my previous life’s drug use along with graphic depictions of the possibly supernatural scary sort. You have been advised.


I was 19 at the time. There is that obvious comment to be made that through the course of time and aging and the gaining of knowledge, experience and wisdom, we all grow. We change. We either devolve into something more bestial or rise higher as human beings and then further rise into spiritual beings. It’s the flow of life whether we know it or not.


To put it as bluntly as I can: who I was prior to this experience is both who I am now but then is also not who I am now. Obviously if I look in the mirror, I know I’m still the same person in a way, but then when I look in my mind I’m definitely not the same person, even if the memories of the past arise or even as I draft this podcast and have to conjure up the memories from a time long ago that no longer exists other than in my mind, I am not the same person that experienced this experience. . .

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