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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision is shown throughout the world’s modern and ancient Zodiacs and that they each contain the same spiral wheel within a wheel pattern.



I think I’ll start this section with a question.  What time is it?  What day is it?  In which week and in which month are we?  What year is it really?  When scientists say the world is around four billion years old, do they mean four, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero?  Or four billion, one hundred seventy-five million, three hundred forty-five thousand, six hundred seventy-eight on what we’d say is July the 1st at 11:30 am?


As I penned the draft for this section it is currently 6:40 am on March 20, 2021.  The 6:40 am designation, or the calculation of hourly or daily time seems to be fairly accurate since the sun rises and falls and the moon rises and falls daily without ceasing.  But does March 20th, 2021, actually reflect an accurate accounting of the day of life upon this planet beyond the symbolic meanings behind the combination of the characters for the words and numerals along with the symbolic ideas of numeration?


In my book, “Lucifer Revealed,” upon entering into Eden my main character Etherius questions an oak tree regarding how long it’s been standing in the Forest of Eden.  The oak tree replies it once held a count of a million cycles of day and night but that it could be five times that or more and that eventually it stopped counting, its reason being that the calculation of time is useless for it repeats itself.  The sun always follows the moon which always follows the sun, so calculating time greater than this was useless to this character.  Obviously, that’s a response from a tree in a book where oak trees speak in Eden, but I think you understand where I’m going with this.


For all the criticism of weak superstitious minds within the religious person that certain scientists heap upon the religious and religions of the world, there is no greater superstition, fear, or the terror of the vast emptiness of the past beyond our own beginning, or the unending future beyond our eyes and visualizations in our thoughts that is shared by all minds, including the scientist, then the concept, idea, reality, pondering of the feeling and seeing of the vastness of time; and no greater attempt at controlling its psychological underpinnings once one truly considers it then the attempt that the calculation of time, or in ye olden days, the use of the Zodiac as both calculator and predictor of time and time based events in one’s individual life, or the life of the community, or city, or nation, etc.


In fact, it seems like the calculation of time is precisely what was either needed for or gave rise to civilization to a greater degree than small villages of a few hundred people since the start of almost every single civilization that contained more than a few hundred people was the calculation and segmentation of time greater than day, night, winter, and spring cycles.  I’m sure I’m wrong in some of this, but in general, just running through my mind the various civilizations of antiquity, the overwhelming majority were calculating time in some manner.  Not all had writing, but the majority, if not all, had the concept of and a need for the calculation of time.

It seems obvious that once the general idea of segmenting and considering the present calculation of time, peoples—again syncretically everywhere—also calculated basically the same thing in the Zodiac, in that it not only compartmentalized time but also stimulated the mind into trying to predict the future in various and multi-dimensional ways and ideas.  And yet still, the visual mechanism created for this somehow looked and looks exactly alike since the same pattern and symbol was seen for it around the world due to it originating from the mystical experience and seeing what was seen within the patterns of the revolutions of the stars or mapping the revolution of the heavens above with the symbolism of religion and the spiritual things desired to be taught and the revolutions imagined within.


Going further, even though modern science does provide much greater accuracy in their predictions of let’s say the weather in a typical five day forecast on the news, it is still nonetheless a prediction about the future that isn’t perfectly accurate and this is no different than has been done through the use of the zodiac over several thousand years though far more boring and far less meaningful to the individual seeking to pierce into the future with this magical system or device that can potentially see into the future of time.


The question of course is why was this needed beyond the simple segmenting of time?  Or was it the fear that arose from contemplating time that created the need for segmenting it into manageable and meaningful symbolic chunks, or another of those chicken and egg questions going on here?


It’s probably hard for us to imagine, or at least for those of us not aged and nearing the end of our lives when the shortness of the remaining time of life might dominate our mind but try imagining when the thought or concept of more than yesterday and today and tomorrow arose.  It must have been terrifying especially in the ideas and fears of things to come in the future.  I mean, people still suffer from this greatly.  It’s not solely the time-based concept that instills this fear alone, it’s usually tied to some type of dread in the external world like crops failing in the past, which may actually be the source for our need to calculate time since time calculating seems to have followed agriculture in the aforementioned civilizations.  Or the fear of some impending doom arriving very shortly once the mind runs wild with potentials and can no longer rein them in, or anxiety as it is called today.  So, it’s not like these fears of the unknown haven’t disappeared from humanity today and considering the number of people that suffer with such things and the population count of the world today compared to in the past, it’s probably worse now than it ever was even with medication and a higher probability of the predictions of science, at least as it pertains to the weather. . .

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