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Season 2

Episode 11 – The Descent into Hell
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Episode 11 - The Descent into Hell


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Descent into the Eternal Hell that Exists Now

Is Hell a place one goes to after death or is it something here, now, all around us? This was a question I’d never once asked myself truly until I dabbled with a new drug that uncorked my mind into a hellscape of subliminal desecration. Whether a physical place or not in some afterlife matters not for it most definitely exists within the mind and the experience of and within the mind.


This was the experience that opened my eyes to the dangers of mental manipulation and subliminal conditioning. I’d had a sense of such things over the course of the previous year and half, but I’d fought to ignore the premonitions and sights I’d seen leading up to this Descent into the Hell of the mind. This was the experience that unveiled the Mysteries of mysticism. Probably at too young an age but it is what it is.


“Abandon every hope, all you who enter,” said the poet Dante upon entering into Hell in The Divine Comedy. The path is long and hard to exit such a state of mind as I fell into, but it is possible. Journey with me and I will show you the steps I was led upon and perhaps it can help you to decipher the signs all around you as well.


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  • Quick overview of Season 1 and what to expect in Season 2 (00:58)
  • Start of the Descent into Hell episode and reflection on the mystical experience (04:58)
  • Attempt at grounding the mystical experience that occurred over twenty years ago more precisely (08:02)
  • Recalling the precursor night of heavy marijuana use a week before the Near-Death Experience (09:21)
  • Video games and The Doors and the mind visualizing pain (11:22)
  • First time thoughts of Death entered into my mind (12:43)
  • Theorizing if this precursor night of contemplating death may have attracted the Near-Death Experience a week later in a Law of Attraction type of manner (14:29)
  • The Descent into Hell via a new drug used (15:23)
  • Witnessing the subliminal effects of influence as it occurs within the mind (16:39)
  • The experience of the subliminal effects of external influences given by a few examples (17:54)
  • Entering into the Nightclub of Hell (22:20)
  • The Dead are Living and the Living are Dead (23:59)
  • “You ain’t gotta be in jail to be doing time,” (25:24)
  • Comparing what I saw to what has been seen in other psychedelic experiences (27:00)
  • Sexuality temporarily tossed into disarray from the temporary reading of minds (27:45)
  • The Eternal Hell that exists Now (30:36)
    Time skipping to receiving a call outside of the nightclub (32:24)
  • Theory of what is potentially seen in these types of horror hell experiences (33:49)

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