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Episode 08 – Truth or Fiction
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Episode 08 - Truth or Fiction


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When Does Thought End and Belief Begin?

Belief literally shapes the reality we see and experience. I’ve spoken of it religiously, through the occult Gnostic texts and dive deeper into it with science and neurology here. It’s what determines what side we are on in all things, the polarity, the scale, the left or the right. How do we gain control over our beliefs especially if we already believe in something as simple as the news reports the news because what else would it report but the news; and the news must be factual because it wouldn’t then be the news if it didn’t tell the truth, now would it?


  • The nature of belief shaping physical reality is explored through neurology and science with why light is sometimes a particle or a wave, along with Jesus showing up on toast and how the mystic can see truth because they’ve already seen and identified the fiction.
  • November 6th, 2020, revisited in a rare political outburst in these podcasts. This rant isn’t probably about what you’re thinking but is entirely about mind control and manipulation via the multitude of media outlets, especially social media, that has enslaved the mind of the world.
  • The secret of the gospels for those that have listened to the previous three episodes and what the Lord Jesus Christ is asking each of us to do when He speaks to us across the centuries.

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  • Let’s get political! Record date for this episode is November 6th, 2020. (00:55)
  • Spiritual rebirth and the baptism by fire is felt physically and is not just a mental spiritual thing (01:08)
  • When does belief begin, or when does one know they actually believe and don’t just think they believe? (01:51)
  • Comparing the stigmata experience found in Catholic saints to the mystical experience and with belief becoming manifest in reality (02:23)
  • The physical sensation of spiritual rebirth shows one how the Virgin Mary could’ve conceived by the Holy Spirit (03:55)
  • The balance Jesus has of teaching spiritual renewal and rebirth while also healing the physically afflicted (04:36)
  • The power of belief being made manifest shouldn’t be difficult for Catholics that believe in the transubstantiation of the Eucharist (06:14)
  • What the priest told my wife and I when we were married about the keys to the kingdom of heaven found through our vocation and how this has pushed me to delve deeper into understand what gender in these texts is really referring to (06:47)
  • Just to be clear in case a listener is jumping around that I am referring to the gender of the mind itself, not physical gender (09:43)
  • The mystical experience comes when one has gained a level of comfort with the paradox of the microcosm and the macrocosm (10:28)
  • Neurological mysticism in a long sentence (10:56)
  • Neurological mysticism further explained by a religious mystic (11:29)
  • Scientific test that shed light on this mystery: why is light sometimes a particle and sometimes a wave? (12:53)
  • Humorous religious way of showing belief manifesting in reality and overtaking or shaping the neurological imagery: when Jesus’s face was seen on toast (14:36)
  • I must’ve been rambling since Aristotle and Plato just into the discussion (17:13)
  • A rare direct shot at science and the ridiculousness of their stance on objectivity (17:45)
  • The eyes of the mystic can see the illusion and fiction of reality from the real even though the real is still somewhat of a fiction as well (19:23)
  • Comparisons to the Tao that is spoken is not the true Tao and the Quran that can be read is not the true Quran as well (20:09)
  • After much explanation, a plea to those against religious or spiritual belief (20:39)
  • The search for God is also the search for self (21:50)
  • The gender of mind brought into greater focus through reference to the Old Testament (22:10)
  • The political statement on mind-control, sneaky influential talk from news and media and the general sense that it is impossible to tell what is and is not true anymore from American media due to the average American spending 8-10 hours a day consuming media and being told any and everything (24:06)
  • Brief conspiracy stuff on subliminal messaging in the media of the 1940’s and 50’s (31:25)
  • President Nixon tells how those in power see those that are not in power in the 1970’s (33:10)
  • Being unable to see the bias of the media means one is ingrained in the Matrix already (34:33)
  • What does Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror, Jesus and the log and the Gnostic gospel about leading a blind person all have in common? (35:10)
  • The honest reality about a listener that has listened this far and yet does not understand. (36:22)
  • Using the ideas of belief shaping reality to view the gospels in a different way (35:34)
  • A bit of the history on the scholarly composition of the gospels alongside the increasing Christology (38:40)
  • Even if the gospels are entirely made up, yet those who believed in them wrote them (40:28)
  • True versus embellished gospels and their meaning if one is seen over the other (41:28)
  • A secret of the gospels if it isn’t obvious yet plainly spoken (43:00)
  • Supporting example for this secret given through comparing God’s relationship to us as an author to His writing (44:51)
  • No lukewarm readers or believers (45:59)
  • Even if Jesus is made up, He still is supposed to represent our true and eternal Self while we are reading or experiencing the gospels (46:08)
  • The Master Jesus is reaching across time and space in the gospels when He asks who the apostles say He is (48:12)
  • But he is speaking to you the reader that experiences the gospels to ask yourself who you think you are as well (48:58)

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