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The Subjective Mystery of Light as Particle or Wave

It’s been a couple months since recording this episode, but I felt the need to type this out since I’ve been spending some time familiarizing myself with science stuff once more and I haven’t come across the issue that I spoke about regarding light as either a particle or a wave in the manner in which I spoke and referenced.

In my transcripts, I’ve included a Works Cited section listing pretty much each of the texts that I feel could’ve had something to do with the thought processes involved in the recording of Season 1 of the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast.  The issue that I’m finding, which is turning out to be a major one in the listening of books on services such as Audible, is not being able to easily and quickly scan through any particular book I may have listened to if I’m trying to remember where I listened to said idea–essentially not being able to quote where I heard something due to not having the physical book in hand.  Considering I listened to many books on neurology, I would have to spend the same amount of time re-listening to each audiobook to find where I may have heard the “studies” I spoke on regarding light as a particle or a wave and that it was determined or conceived as being related to what one was thinking or believing they were going to see.

Since editing and compiling the transcripts for these podcasts, this fact has nagged at me in the back of my mind and since I don’t want to misrepresent anything in what I say or write, I have to say that I can’t remember where I heard this neurological study of a wave or particle in either of the sources mentioned.  If I go further, I have to be honest and say that perhaps I didn’t hear that exact concept spoken in either of the sources mentioned, and instead began imagining this scenario as I was listening to whatever it was I may have been listening to.  Further still, perhaps the author that may have spoken about this was using their own imagination in the writing of said book and that their descriptions regarding the particle or the wave in light being dependent on one’s subjective belief was the author’s own belief without any scientific data.  Even further still, in each of the more recent works of science that I have read, along with the various lectures I’ve been listening to, I am conscious that if such studies did in fact take place in the Works Cited, that perhaps the science authors haven’t heard of or studied them and thus this could be the reason why they’re not referenced or quoted.  And further still, the recent author’s that I read could be purposefully leaving those studies out of their works which is why I haven’t heard it stated in the manner in which I heard it stated.

Either way, I’m being honest in saying that since I haven’t come across that particular rephrasing of the possible neurological study or conclusions regarding the conundrum of science regarding when and why light is a particle or a wave, I have to say that perhaps I didn’t hear it and either imagined it as my own way of answering the question and wasn’t paying attention to either of the author’s when I listened to the various books on brain and mind I listened to a few years ago, or new studies have come out since, or the works more recently listened to are either unaware of this study of one’s own thought or belief structure being responsible for light being a particle or a wave while being observed by an observer, or the authors of these works are not quoting it since it challenges or throws a monkey wrench into their science world view and they’d rather not state it.

Since I don’t have the time or energy to re-listen to probably 5-8 audiobooks ranging from 10-15 hours each along with 25-50 thirty-minute-long lectures on the subject matter since I have other things I’m engaged in studying right now, hopefully I’ve made satisfactory statements to any parties involved that may have felt I purposefully misstated the science.  I did not.  I like to think of myself as self-correcting just as the scientist views themselves (which is essentially the essence of Christian repentance as long as one is consciously and actively engaged in this self-correction), and as you can see, even after three months passed of having recorded Season 1: Episode 8) Truth or Fiction, these thoughts were dancing around the back of my mind in need of being looked at more deeply.

I hope that suffices in case I did speak about something that I imagined versus actually having heard it in an audiobook.

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