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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision has been shown, depicted and described across the centuries within the religion of Hinduism.


I don’t want to make talking about how to see the image and pattern of what is seen in a true mystical experience only about syncretism but it’s difficult not to due to the obviousness of it.  Again, is it syncretism or a sharing of culture and religious ideas, something deeper that is seen in the actual mystical experience or a combination of both, which is probably more accurate?


Why is the Star of David a symbol in Hinduism for instance?  Which culture borrowed which?  And does it even matter if that was the case or not?  Typically, not to Hinduism for anybody that’s studied any of their religious ideas and it’s why there’s such variety to the art and how the divine has been expressed.


Also, last I checked, I think scholars have agreed that the Greek and Indian civilizations had to have had a common source at some point in their histories due to the common philosophical ideas along with the common deities.  I didn’t place it on here because I couldn’t find a good picture showing the symbol but look up Lord Shiva with the Trident and then compare that with Poseidon from the Greek Pantheon.  It’s exactly the same idea, concept and image of deity.  I mean, why didn’t one of them have like a four-prong spear or even a five?  Nope.  Three.


Another fun one I found was Vishnu, who’s usually portrayed with the cobra heads behind him. Compare that with the Gorgon Medusa in the Greek Pantheon.  It’s the same.  The one male and one female, so perhaps in this common source in super ancient times, they were depicted as a couple, or perhaps the people back then argued over whether it was to be depicted as a male or a female divine potency and it was then that this hypothetical split occurred?  I have no idea.  I’m just daydreaming but both images are in their respective galleries on this website, and both represent a manner in which to depict the same spoked wheel image.


Another one would be the peacock used as a symbol since the feathers, much like bird feathers in general around the world has been used for the purpose of showing the experience, though super highlighted by the peacock feathers since it has eyes on it.  And compare this ring within the ring image in nature alongside Ezekiel’s ring within the ring with the eyes on it.  Another syncretic or similarly seen image in the mystical experience that just generated from my working on this.  How awesome is that?  What is interesting though, is the association of the peacock with the deity: Lord Krishna in Hinduism, or if you go to the older times, Indra.  And then the Great Mother in the Greek Pantheon Hera through the myth involving Argus. . .

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