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Episode 26 – Mysteries Once the Possession of the Elite
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Episode 26 - Mysteries Once the Possession of the Elite


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The Mysteries Were Once the Possession of the Elite

If the deeper wisdom of the mysteries were once the possession of the elite, what about these types of teachings that were so guarded and valued? Why did different teachers say not to toss pearls before swine? This episode dives deeper into the idea of the mysteries and what they could achieve in the mind of one that studied or practiced them.




  • Attempting to answer what the purpose of studying these mysteries is (00:48)
  • Understanding the mysteries of Christianity requires getting past thinking that the mysteries pre-Christianity were demonic (01:44)
  • An idea of the elites possessing these mysteries from Ancient Egypt and the Vision of Hermes (03:05)
  • The Akhenaten time a reflection of these religious teachings and the elites fighting over them (05:19)
  • Having an experience of the mysteries frees the mind through the first commandment (06:49)
  • The mysteries teach how to use the mind. Comparison against my experience in school (08:25)
  • One of the reasons Jesus put to death was for revealing these mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven to all (09:40)
  • Preservation and production of texts falls to the elite due to how expensive it was to produce (11:57)
  • When esoteric texts say these are not meant for the profane, these are elitists words (14:15)

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