Logos of Experience and Truth

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God

Worldwide Native-Shaman-Druid

This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision has been shown, depicted and described worldwide across the centuries within native cultures and their cultural practices.


I’m not sure how much I’m going to say in this section simply from the ache in my heart of how the sacred was trampled upon by opponents or conquerors within the various what we’d call native peoples of the world, which seems weird just to call them natives since aren’t we all natives of the world?


I myself am a strange mixture: Ecuadorian and Guatemalan.  Yet within both there’s a mixture of the native along with the Spanish and potentially Italian in the Ecuadorian, and German surprisingly in the Guatemalan along with being born in California.  I am both old and new world, European and Native of the Americas descent.  It’s probably why my mind and heart has sought to find the commonality between them all, more so for my daughter’s sake since they add even more of a mixture, Yaqui Mexican Indian and straight Old-World Italian from my wife’s mixture.


I mentioned in the overview that when I thought about science and that I am the product of the Big Bang and thus all knowledge of the universe dwells within the atomic particles that dwell within me, I also did so while meditating on blood, the sangre within my body as also holding all knowledge of the past within it using the concept of DNA within our very own bodies that extends back throughout all of creation.  I, and by I, I mean everyone alive today, only exists because every single one of their ancestors going back to the beginning of humanity and beyond survived and thrived amidst any and all that occurred to them in their lives, as did their children, and their children and their children, one after the other leading up to each and every one of us in the present, now, which is what I was aiming at conveying and what I still think I failed at in my hobbled attempt at guided meditation in my Season One Podcast.


And if I have found a way to honor my ancestors in today’s world, while remaining Catholic, since they are also my ancestors, it is through the work of this website.


As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not here to try to speak on the bad that occurred in the past, especially that which my own religion took part in, turned the head and looked the other way, and or caused or did very little to nothing to stop, much of which occurred especially to my Mayan ancestors in Guatemala.  If by my showing the divine symbol of mystical experience that I as a Catholic call the Beatific Vision of God, present and alive in the native practices and symbols of the world to others that much like with the artwork of the Hindus, is difficult for the conservative Christian sensibilities to see and appreciate—not so much so for the Hispanic Catholic, then at least in my mind I’ve done right by the spirit of the Church Universal and showing how through the Logos of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity and the manner in which the modern and recent Church has acknowledged the mystery of truth found in other religions, then I will have done her, the spirit of the Church, great honor and respect by showing that through her teachings, through her preserved mysteries, the universal presence of the Son of God or truth itself, extends and exists in all religions and religiously informed cultures, even if they haven’t been touched by the Christian method of expressing this.  That by the search for and experience of the mysteries in my religion I’m able to show it across to others, along with recognizing it or the face of the Lord, amidst others, again, following that most sacred of direct commandments by Christ Himself of Love thy neighbors as you would be loved, or do onto others as you would have done to you.  What better method of showing and expressing love to and for others in today’s plural world then by seeing the mysteries of my interpretation of God in theirs, as I hope by showing them what the Beatific Vision of God in Catholicism looks like, that they will see themselves and their most sacred beliefs and the foundation of how those beliefs have been expressed in mine, in theirs, and theirs, in mine.  How funny that I just remembered a Pink Floyd song I haven’t heard in years: I am you and what I see is me.  I’m doing my best not to preach so I hope that will be all. . .

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