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Season 2

Episode 13 – Remembering the Ignored Signs
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Episode 13 - Remembering the Ignored Signs


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Seeds and Signs of the Mysteries of Heaven and Hell

The skeptic mind is a powerful one. Give me facts and make sure they are only based upon the scientific paradigm of rules I want to follow and trust in, or I will label whatever you give me as false and untrue. I came across many things leading up to what was described in the Descent into Hell and Near-Death Experience episodes.


I thought about these experiences as strange and weird but utter nonsense even as the evidence was staring me in the face. Why? I answer this in the podcast, but it was because if I truly did believe in God, which is what these experiences were pointing towards, then it would mean needing to change the life that I was living. And who truly wishes to do that, especially at age 19?


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  • Back in reality land I struggle to keep the mind together after both the effect of the drug and what was seen or experienced as hell and death (01:45)
  • The skeptic in me returns and the experience begins to be questioned (03:13)
  • The idea of Judgment to this experience finally enters into my mind (05:15)
  • The root of my skepticism was not wanting to change (06:08)
  • Disclaimer to turn back if one does not wish to open this door further (07:09)
  • The first acid experience remembered along with the signs and symbols that were engraved upon my mind (07:19)
  • The worst thing possible to be exposed to perhaps during drug use is talk about the Devil and this is what began to be presented and spoken of to me by a former Satanist or Devil Worshiper (10:09)
  • Dream that occurred as a result of this lecture on the Devil (14:02)
  • The second acid experience remembered along with what was seen (15:57)
  • If there were more guidance during a psychedelic drug experience would more people experience mystical type things (16:57)
  • Century Club acid experience (17:39)
  • Crossing the barrier and leaving the mortal world (19:34)
  • Another Hellish type experience follows after another time skip as well (21:03)
  • Thinking that something was trying to speak or get my attention from this experience an slamming it away with skepticism (23:24)
  • Understanding that if I chose to believe in God for real, it would mean life changes and responsibility (24:55)
  • Third experience in this podcast; speaks of some sort of evil presence or feeling from within (25:29)
  • Drugs are the easy route to experiencing the Mysteries and it was my reflections on the drug use that had me continue to search for the answers to my skepticism (29:19)

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