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Episode 05 – The Logos of God
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Episode 05 - The Logos of God


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What exactly is the Logos and Word of God?

Ever had a dream come true in some way when you woke up? That’s called synchronicity. Was String Theory a modern interpretation of the occult principle of vibration? Maybe that’s why science got rid of the theory? How is Christ the Logos, the Word of God, yet also the Son of God, separate from God, yet begotten not made by God and somehow the same as God, yet still separate and subject to the Will of God? Yeah. I answer this.


  • An example of a synchronous event having just occurred and many of the questions that surround such events.
  • Explorations into the occult principles of vibration, gender and polarity alongside discussions of Hermes Trismegistus, The Hermetica, The Kybalion, Ancient Mysteries, Moses and Pharaoh Akhenaten and the legendary Bible versus the historical and scholarly Bible.
  • The Logos, the Word, the Second Person of the Trinity, the Mind of God spoken of in detail with the finer points within the Nicene Creed illuminated.

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  • Example of a synchronous event (01:52)
  • Descartes being the answer to a question asked in Episode 4 (05:01)
  • Intuition and Jiminy Cricket (06:18)
  • I give a brief background on the amount of science learned due to much science spoken of in Episode 4 (07:18)
  • String Theory and my not really being up to date on much science (09:09)
  • The Occult principle of vibration as taught in the book, “The Kybalion,” and the strangely similar String Theory of science (09:31)
  • Songs of creation in Narnia and Middle Earth and the OM and the Amen (10:26)
  • Marvel’s the Watcher showing up in my dream from Episode 1 clarified (11:24)
  • More on the occult concept of vibration from “The Kybalion.” (13:03)
  • Brief explanation of Hermes Trismegistus from limited knowledge at the time, followed by theories on connection between Biblical Traditions and Ancient Egypt (14:17)
  • Theory of the Mysteries of Egypt being preserved in the Hermetical text summarized and further theory of Moses and Akhenaten explored (20:21)
  • Eternity of God explored again using scripture passage from Luke 20:37 (23:51)
  • My interpretation of the rich young man parable in Luke 18:18 (25:00)
  • Using the problems of obsession and addiction to explain the previous interpretation of scripture (28:06)
  • Transition from Hermetic discussion to the Logos and how the universe comes from nothing with the occult principle of the universe being mental (31:20)
  • My explanation of Logos, Christ, the Father, The Trinity and their relationship, oneness, uniqueness, yet the continued sovereign nature of the Father and how precise the Nicene Creed actually is (31:59)
  • I disagree with Descartes famous saying and why (34:59)
  • Continued explanation of Christ, Logos, the Word, the Nicene Creed and how we made in the Image of God through knowledge of the self (37:51)
  • Answering the enigma of two creation stories for humankind in Genesis and beginning to speak on the dual or binary nature of reality most easily seen through the principle of gender, or male and female and what this actually means mystically (38:22)
  • Second reference to the vision and experience of the Holy Spirit not being something I was anticipating and that it has to do with gender (40:04)

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