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Probability of a Father and daughter sharing Synchronicity

***This is a continuation of the previous two posts on Synchronicity. Read this post if you would like a general outline and definition on the subject. ***


The following possible synchronous event occurred several weeks ago on May 22nd, 2022. It was dinner and I was sitting at the dinner table thinking about what still needed to be done once dinner was over. I realized, or at least was thinking about whether or not my daughters needed to take a shower. I was picturing when they’d last showered, if it had been the previous day or they hadn’t gone outside to play the previous day and hadn’t showered.


As I was pondering, my little one, Ellaria, began to speak.


“Dadda. You said today we had to shower since today was a shower day. When we’re done eating are we taking a shower?”


I tried to remember if we’d spoken about this earlier in the day. Maybe I had? She said I had. While helping her brush her teeth and hair in the mornings I normally tell her about things we have to do in the day, but I couldn’t remember exactly if I had. If I had, it would’ve been a quick sentence and perhaps is the reason why I forgot about it, but she’d remembered?


Their shower time is also overwhelmingly before we eat dinner, so not having done it prior to eating perhaps is why it was in her mind alongside my own? Each of us intuitively knew there was the task of showering that we’d spoken of but had yet to achieve and were thinking about it.


These are the reasons why my mind considers this to be an example of probability. I’d spoken of the need to shower, she’d listened, I hadn’t reminded her earlier of the need to shower, we’d gone past their normal time for showering and because of the different routine, her and I were both thinking of what we’d forgotten to do. There was a high probability that one of us would mention the need to take a shower at some point in the day as we neared their normal time to shower or if we went past it as was the case on this day.


As you can imagine, what had me even raise my Spidey-sense to this little dialogue between father and daughter and consider if this was synchronicity was that she’d spoken of the need to shower a few seconds after I’d thought of the very same thing. It may have even been while I was in the act of thinking about whether they needed to take a shower or not, which I think is what happened now that I’m writing this out. Did my thought fuel or trigger her thought in some way? Or was it the reverse? She’d been wondering in her mind if she was still going to take a shower, and this somehow triggered my unconscious mind to influence my subconscious feelings in some way and brought the thoughts to the conscious forefront of my mind? I think I remember reading something about neurotransmitters in the brain sort of coming at attention in what to us would feel like some type of precognition but in reality, is the lightspeed that our brain moves at.


I’m not entirely sure if this event is synchronicity or probability. If my daughter had mentioned the need to take a shower earlier in the day or once we were close to ending our meal, I don’t think I would’ve thought about this event in any deeper sense than her spectacular memory at work. She just barely turned five so the fact she even remembered what I’d told her hours prior during our morning routine is wondrous. It’s probable that she would’ve asked about needing to take a shower since I’d mentioned it earlier, she hadn’t showered during her normal time prior to dinner and now we were having dinner.


But that she’d asked while I was either in direct thought on the same subject or having just finished thinking about it is what makes this incredibly synchronous and not just probability.


I’ll say then that this is a tie, and both were at work.


The chance of her asking about needing to take a shower had a high probability since she said I’d mentioned it earlier in the day. That she brought it up at the moment she brought it up turns this probable discussion into something deeper since now, every possible thought that was floating through my mind has to be taken into account and the probability of my thinking about her need to take a shower when I was thinking it, combined with her probability, suddenly becomes an exponentially large number when all possibilities of thought are accounted for, especially in my mind. I could’ve been thinking about a multitude of things, but I was thinking about whether my daughters needed to take a shower, and one of them, the smallest one, was thinking about it at the same exact time.


Very interesting.

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