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Finding Synchronicity in the Desert

My mind is currently exploring the finer details that differentiate a synchronous event versus the probability of an event occurring so I will continue down this path with further examples both as they arise in the present moment while also digging into my database of notes regarding such events.  If you would like to read a primer on the subject matter of synchronicity, read the previous post I wrote that gives a general definition and overview here.

A little over three weeks ago (May 16th, 2022, was when I wrote the note down), the wife and I were researching desert night sky viewing, specifically with a mind towards seeing the Milky Way.  In her science homeschool class a few days prior she’d gotten our daughters all fired up towards seeing the Milky Way through a telescope with different imagery in the curriculum we use alongside online examples she had researched for them, and we figured let’s purchase a telescope and head out to the desert to see it.  I’ve mentioned prior my complete lack of experience with a telescope or with viewing anything in the night sky so it’s something I’m trying to expand upon, so my daughters have a greater interest and skill level in it.

Living in Southern California, we’re within driving distance of what night sky watchers agree are some of the best spots in the USA for seeing the heavens above.  We were both on our phones looking up different locations near to us where the Milky Way is more or less visible with the naked eye during specific times of the year.  She’s the science teacher in our homeschool dynamic-duo and had already spent time researching the Milky Way and where to see it, whereas this was my first time looking online at this subject matter.  I had just looked at several images with captions that said they’d been taken in a region called Anza Borrego, CA.  I’d mapped the drive distance and it was a little farther than what we’d intended to drive in a single evening from our desert base camp, so I didn’t mention it to her.  A few moments passed and she mentioned directly the region, area, state park, etc., of Anza Borrego and wondered if maybe we should stay there versus our current plan of staying at the La Quinta Resort and the short night drive out to Joshua Tree.

The question then: is this an example of synchronicity or is this probability?

I’ll admit the timing is what made me even consider whether this was a synchronous event or probability theory since my wife mentioned the Anza Borrego region for seeing the Milky Way moments after I’d closed the images and map directions I had on my phone.  But since I was actively looking at photos of deserts at night with the stars twinkling in the sky, there are only so many deserts on Earth of such places and this particular area of the USA in California is one the most popular areas to see such astronomical phenomenon.  There was a greater likelihood that I’d see pictures from this area she’d already come across during her astronomy homeschooling and that it would be in her mind during our combined research.  Though the timing made it feel a little weird, this would be an example of probability theory at work versus synchronicity.

I suppose I could say that while viewing the images on my phone and thinking about them I was somehow empathetically through telepathy or some other sort of ESP, sending the thoughts over to her and this is why she voiced her knowledge of the region. . .but that would be a stretch, lol.  This is an example of probability.  We were both researching desert nighttime sky images, deserts within driving distance of where we live, and we happen to live close to California deserts with some of the best Milky Way viewing.  Even though she mentioned the region after I’d seen images and captions naming the same exact region, it was just as probable that she could’ve mentioned the region prior to my independently seeing these images considering the activity and subject matter we were engaged in.  The probability of the Anza Borrego region being spoken of, brought up in conversation, or seen online in some way by either or both of us was exceptionally high due to the specifics of our researching Milky Way nighttime viewing in California.  Thus, this is not an example of synchronicity but an example of probability at work here.


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