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The Devil's Seduction: Law of Attraction and Spiritual Consequences

Price of Power: Spiritual Cost of the Law of Attraction




There are several books and teachings out in the world that speak of being able to manifest and create all your dreams just by thinking about them. Though the idea existed in the world of esoteric and occult teachings and practices as found in Masonic and Kabbalistic lore, the boom in such books as the “Law of Attraction,” or “The Secret,” is an intensely more modern phenomenon. The question is what is the cost? Are there are any spiritual consequences in attempting to utilize the power of the mind and imagination to think a desire into existence? In this thought-provoking exploration, we dive deep into idol worship and compare our own ego mind to the Devil and Yaldabaoth of the Gnostic myths to explore whether using creative thought or the law of attraction is a left-hand path leading towards destruction.


The Pitfalls of Creative Thought and Idol Worship


The concept of creative thought and the law of attraction raises questions about whether these can be used spiritually for gain. The problem is that the very concept of what the law of attraction proposes steps into an ancient pitfall of spirituality: idol worship. The notion of a human being worshipping a statue as containing the spirit of a god might sound foreign to modern sensibilities, but the allegorical way to look at idol worship, or how to reverse the external idea and see how it pertains to something internal, is to view the statue as representing matter, or the body, and the spirit of the supposed god inhabiting the material sleeve, as representing the mind within the human. Worshipping the statue becomes no different from worshipping another human, or consciousness itself within our own mind. This can obviously lead to errors.


Seduction of the Law of Attraction


The theology and popular myths of the Devil are varied across the many centuries of Christian history. Key points that pertain to this post have to do with the Devil wanting to be equal to God in some way in the before time Heaven of mythological lore, some kind of power struggle and the expulsion from Heaven, followed by the temptation of humans in the Garden of Eden to eat the fruit to be like the gods. In the Medieval and Renaissance period is when the Devil as tempter comes into play with the idea of the wager between God and Devil for human souls as found in stories like Faust where the Devil grants your wishes, like the genie, but then exacts a heavy toll at the appointed time. What is of further import here is that the Devil always grants what one truly desires or imagines that they want. The power of the law of attraction and the temptation that comes along with it is that it works. Not always, and even when it does, it works or appears in ways unexpected, like in stories like Faust, where what one desires is granted, but usually with some cost involved that may or may not have been foreseen by the one signing the pact with the Devil. Could these stories have been methods the myth makers and writers across the ages tried to talk about the negative uses of the law of attraction before the term was coined?


The Seduction of Control


The implications of using the law of attraction for gain can be a tempting idea, especially when one has learned to concentrate one’s mind. However, we must question if this power is something we should aim for and consider the potential cost of it. The teachings in the Bible, if perceived that humanity by the power of its own mind thought itself to be God, portrayed as the moment the fruit is taken and eaten in the Garden of Eden, are written for those who have fallen into these thoughts and thought patterns that have been around for a very long time in the inner history of Biblical and esoteric writings and stories. They contain in them warnings about such things as discussed.




The seduction of using creative thought and the law of attraction for personal gain is a powerful temptation for many. However, as we explore the spiritual implications of these concepts, we must question the actual cost of seeking this mental power. By examining the teachings of ancient texts and reflecting on our own personal journeys, we can gain a deeper understanding of what these modern teachings are attempting to sell for profit to a hopeful audience wishing for wealth or power. Such teachings and mental practices have existed throughout the history of spiritual texts and writings and should be carefully examined prior to attempting their use for personal gain. Who knows what doorway is being opened by such practices?

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