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Can You really Feel the Vibration?

I’ve mentioned the experience of vibration as an indicator of something occurring in the brain that has to do with the mystical state.  But there are variants to the sensations that one can feel in the brain to a greater or lesser degree.

Anyone that has meditated and meditated deeply will know and have felt the sensation that occurs in the forehead from this sensation, where undoubtedly the dot on the forehead originated from in the Hindu religions and traditions along with the western esoteric understandings of the Pineal Gland and its location in the middle of the forehead just above the nose and between the brows.  Supposedly this is what is vibrating when one knows how to meditate deeply.

But there are other sensations that occur in the brain as well.  I’m not entirely certain what it is that causes it, but I do know that as I’ve observed these sensations pulsating in the brain, they seem to occur during heightened use of the mind, thinking and learning and things of that nature.  In my case right now, I am focusing on the study of science to get a better understanding of the scientific landscape versus what I currently know and have been feeling the sensations once more.

Why is this important?  The last time I was feeling this sensation upon the physical apparatus of the brain, on the forehead section of the frontal lobe, above the eyebrows, yet below the start of my hairline, I was intensely studying the experience of synchronicity, seeing signs abounding all around me: essentially understanding that what this experience consists of is the mind moving so fast in its interpretation of the symbols known in the external and internal matrix of understanding, that everything starts to feel as a sign since the conscious mind is seeing what the unconscious mind is interpreting faster than in a normal state of mind or being.

Let me try to explain it further: if you close your eyes and then open them, the world you see outside of your eyes is instantly produced and we see the image.  But it is not actually instant.  It is simply occurring at such a rapid rate that to our experience, the image appears to be produced instantly.  But there is technically a delay in what is seen externally, or how swiftly it passes through our senses and nervous systems and enters into and is interpreted by the brain, which then produces the image that we see in our mind/brain connection.  Or to use a techie-term: the latency between our body and mind creating the experience and our conscious self actually experiencing it.

What I’ve come to understand–in as best a manner as I can understand and then explain of course–is that what is occurring during a synchronistic type of event, where coincidence no longer appears as coincidence and where it appears and seems as if signs are being shown to you, whether they are or are not doesn’t matter since that’s determined by your belief in it being something that is shown versus simply being observed; but what matters is the process that is occurring so that you can understand what is occurring.  What I’ve seen is that the interpretation of the external sign and let me use direct examples that were occurring to me: let’s say you’re driving along a freeway and on a billboard is an ad for a university that is promoting returning and going to school.  The ad itself is just an ad on the side of the freeway.  But if I’d been thinking about learning or going back to school, or how to learn more efficiently within a school setting, then the sign on the side of the road may seem like something more than just a coincidence.  I was thinking about it earlier and seeing the sign has triggered in me the memory of thinking about it and so I think more about it.  Nothing divine or strange or different in this.

What is occurring in the experience of synchronicity is that the interpretation of the external sign, so the brain seeing and recognizing the external sign then applying the memory of having thought about whatever that sign is pointing to, or I think what neuroscience calls associative memory or learning, the brain is accomplishing this faster than it’s taking our conscious mind to even register the contents of the sign itself.  Essentially, before our eyes have seen the sign, or rather, before we know what we’re seeing on the sign, our brain has already seen the sign, interpreted it, and applied the connecting associative thoughts and or memories, especially the most recent ones, to what it is seeing.  This is why once it does hit the conscious mind, it’s as if we knew the sign that we’re seeing along with its interpretation before we even recognized it consciously through the sense of seeing.

This as far as I can tell is what is occurring during synchronistic events, and it is these types of events that create the pulsating vibratory feeling in the physical brain, in the front part of the frontal lobe, above the eyebrows, beneath the hairline.

The reason I’m even typing this is that I’ve now spent around 40-50 hours studying science once more.  After about a week a half, I’m starting to feel the vibratory sensations once more, but in a different part of the physical brain.  Right now, it’s occurring on the top, front, left part of my brain.  I haven’t had the chance to try to look up what structure of the brain might be there, namely, what it is said to contain, house or control, but this is where I am feeling the vibratory sensations right now.

So, my thoughts are does the type of study, the type or subject of learning determine where on the brain the sensations could potentially be felt?  Is there something to listening to skeptical scientific language that paints a more physical objective concept of the world that is the reason for the sensations moving from one part of the brain to another?  Is the sensation somehow related to the growth of the brain/mind due to my having spent time studying some science stuff once more and because I’m constantly aware of my awareness, I’ve simply trained myself to feel and recognize when growth or changes are occurring in the brain/mind? 

Interesting questions from the observations that I am observing right now.


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